Thursday, June 08, 2006

So Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is Dead...

The president from the Rose Garden:
Zarqawi was the operational commander of the terrorist movement in Iraq. He led a campaign of car bombings, assassinations and suicide attacks that has taken the lives of many American forces and thousands of innocent Iraqis. Osama bin Laden called this Jordanian terrorist "the prince of al Qaeda in Iraq." He called on the terrorists around the world to listen to him and obey him. Zarqawi personally beheaded American hostages and other civilians in Iraq. He masterminded the destruction of the United Nations headquarters in Baghdad. He was responsible for the assassination of an American diplomat in Jordan, and the bombing of a hotel in Amman. ...
[H]e worked to divide Iraqis and incite civil war. ...
Now Zarqawi has met his end, and this violent man will never murder again.
May God have mercy on his soul. But if not, don't let the Gates of Hell smack him on the way in.
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