Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Tanned, Anyway

Neither rested, nor ready coming back from vacation. Swamped, though, definitely swamped at work. I guess that's a good problem to have, but I have to admit to a certain "dryness. "

While I wasn't expecting to get much blogging done, I was hoping to get a few writing-related things done and of which I accomplished exactly zero. This year we had more than 20 of us from the Troglodytrix' side of the family (plus a couple of babysitters) invade the lake resort for the annual vacation. In years past, I have usually been able to block a little time to do some mental/emotional/spiritual recharging, even when I've had to cut it short because of some sporting event like Troglotyke #1's soccer tournament this last weekend (they finished second). Not so this time; just a (needed) break. If nothing else, I can thank the NY Times for giving me that wonderfully disorienting feeling of the earth having been traveling near the speed of light while I was at sub-light speed for a week as I learned they were up to their old tricks again.

Seeing as how I was apparently in a space-time warp that only felt like it was a week, I plan to ease back in to things the next few days by finally answering Sue and then something I found in my inbox.

[posted by e-mail because I can't seem to get into Blogger (again)]

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