Monday, September 17, 2007

Alan Keyes Wags (His Finger) into Presidential Race

Ambassador Keyes announced his candidacy last Friday, which will prompt another review of the watch list, and is participating in tonight's Value Voters Debate. On Janet Parshall's radio program he outlined what would be the top priorities of a Keyes presidency:
Top three issues, I think, at the moment, are clear. We have got to restore our respect for Declaration principle by defending life, and making it clear that life begins at conception and must be respected, from that moment, as the will
of the Creator, God, because that's what the Declaration establishes as our principle, and what the Constitution says we owe to our "posterity." That has to be clearly done, and clearly established.

Number two would be the restoration of our allegiance to and respect for God's authority, especially when it comes to clear moral decisions like marriage, where we need to restore the sense that the God-given family is an unalienable right. I wrote about this, in articles that I've done over the last several weeks, trying to restore a sense of what our principles really mean, when it come to decisions like this.

And finally, across the board, I would be trying to restore the moral character and morale and sense of our commitment to our basic moral values, starting in the area of national sovereignty, both in terms of our security from terrorism, and especially the security of our borders, and our assertion of the sovereignty of the American people, which our elites have been betraying and trying to throw away.
Now, I love listening to Mr. Keyes speak. I think he is a compelling orator and his is a voice of a substantial portion of Americans. But (you knew there was one) he seems to have a political tin ear.

Look at his answer above and you can see that his top priorities clearly include an end to abortion, an end to embryonic stem cell research, an end to euthanasia, a ban on cloning, the preservation of marriage as between one man and one woman, continued prosecution of the Long War, and a priority on border security. These are all the views of a significant percentage of Republicans, particularly those who are active in primary season. But how many flags does he raise with his rhetoric? Not to mention that for all the campaigning he's done, it would be nice to see at least one victory for dogcatcher, or something, in his CV. He doesn't have a snowball's chance... Then again, that's probably not the point.

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