Monday, September 17, 2007

The Emmys Were on Last Night

Do people really still watch? In Saturday's StarTribune, the local TV critic, Neal Justin made a quip about his insights helping to win the office pool. Two questions jumped to mind: 1.) Who would still have office pool entries allowed on a Saturday? and 2.) Are there still office pools on this stuff? It's been at least a decade since I remember hearing discussions about an awards show at work, particularly the Emmy's, much less having an office pool.

Apparently Al Gore had another big night. Good for him, I suppose. It's better that he win awards than elections--better for him, better for us. And Sally Field said a naughty word during a silly statement that if mothers ruled the war, there wouldn't be any wars in the first place. Horse hockey. They'd just be about different things.

The Troglodytrix commented that if war were ruled by mothers, we would still be embroiled in civil war--the facebook lactivists' revolt would only be the beginning. In fact, it has spilt (no pun intended) into the grocery store, the mall, park benches, and yes, even the Communion line.

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