Friday, September 14, 2007

Short List Update

Again this is an exercise for establishing who gets my support in the primaries, if any. After the initial scrubbing for the five non-negotiables and better than zero support, here's how it stands...

Short List: Empty

Watch List: Thompson, Gingrich, Brownback, Hunter, Tancredo

Despite open questons for all these, consider the secondary criteria:
A. Meaningful executive, or organizational leadership, experience,
B. A compelling American vision to project from the bully pulpit,
C. An appreciation of subsidiarity and solidarity,
D. A dedication to the proposition and an understanding why governments are instituted among men.
Given there are issues keeping all these off the short list, I consider clear issues with the secondary criteria to also be disqualifying. I've also tracked down new information regarding the 5 non-negotiables (5nn). Here's the updated list:

Candidate - Status (5nn, support above zero, secondary criteria)
  • Fred Thomspon - DQ (TBD, yes, A)
  • Newt Gingrich (unofficial) - DQ (3, yes, OK)
  • Sam Brownback - Watch (OK , no, OK)
  • Duncan Hunter - DQ (OK, no, A)
  • Ron Paul - DQ (OK, no, A)
  • Tom Tancredo - Watch (OK, no, TBD-B)
Getting closer. And I think I know where this is heading...

I'll be adding Fred Thompson back to the watch list on the next go 'round, still pending clarity on the five non-negotiables because a grace period is reasonable given the fact he hasn't been a formal candidate for very long. Not making these positions clear in good order, however, will be held against him. How committed are you if you are unwilling to communicate where you stand?

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