Friday, October 19, 2007

Deep Water Killed the Glaciers

In this week's edition of Science, a chronology of the end of the last glacial period is proposed based on marine sediment samples from the western tropical region of the Pacific Ocean. It goes without saying that understanding large, historical climate changes requires "precise knowledge of both the forcing and the regional responses." In this analysis the data indicate that deep-sea temperatures warmed by 2°C between 17 and 19 thousand years ago and more than 1000 years before an increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide and ocean surface temperatures in the tropics. In other words, the end of the Earth's last glacial period caused by deep-water warming does not lie within the tropics, but began near the south pole, and cannot be attributed to a build-up of carbon dioxide.

OK, so let's review the bidding. The last glacial period 20 thousand years ago was ended by a warming of the ocean deep below the surface more than a millennium beforehand, for reasons we do not fully understand. Global temperatures increases and decreases follow approximately a 1500 year cycle (here and here) going back millions of years and likely associated with the sun. Global temperatures were warmer 500 years before industrialization began than they are today. Three-fourths of the warming since industrialization occurred before WWII. The increase in global temperature observed in the last few decades roughly correlates to that on Mars, although possibly for other reasons regardless of how much they may sound like epicycles upon epicycles.

Please, tell me again how we're so damn sure we have a firm enough grasp of what the factors of global climate change are that we understand the causes of a recent, historically slight increase in global temperature so well as to demand draconian socialist "reforms" lest we need rapidly to develop chimeras with gill plates to perpetuate some semblance of the human race beyond 2030.

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  1. Sorry, you're out of bounds. 15-yard penalty.

    You're not allowed to question or doubt science.

    No matter how many times scientists correct themselves or each other, you're not allowed to doubt the accuracy of their current pronouncements.

    (BTW, if you had comments links on the front page, instead of having to isolate a post to get a comments link, you might get more comments. At first glance it looks like you've turned off commenting altogether.)



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