Monday, October 01, 2007

I am Not Getting This

There's another dust-up at Catholic Dads re breast feeding in public. Now, this is a fine blogging and discussion topic, although I doubt there is any real, profound disagreement among Catholic dads. But this is what the Catholic Dads blog is supposed to be (from the profile):
Here we can hang. Share stories. Debate the issues of the day. Give advice.
Talk politics. Discuss sports. Share our faith. You know, guy stuff.

Sure, the issue has popped up recently with the lactivists in the news and the Applebee's ordeal, so I guess that could make the general topic an "issue of the day." And if someone's wife was being confronted in public and made uncomfortable, then that might be an occasion for advice. Fine. But for crying out loud, there have been more discussions on breast feeding than posts that even mention "BBQ." Are we not men? Bring forth racks of ribs and spices, do we not rub?

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