Friday, October 12, 2007

Light the Troglodytic

Something of a tumblelog for The Troglodyte is up and running. It's where I'll try keeping a virtual stack of stuff. I run across a lot of things on the web I might like to blog, but, for whatever reason, something(s) prevents me, or at least delays me, from getting to it, just like has happened this week. Well, now it will get stuffed here, along with other miscellaneous items. Perhaps I'll get to it, perhaps not.

One thing I've noticed is that I'll find that after seeing something interesting, but not having the time to blog it, I'll let it go only to find the same topic, or a later one pops up perhaps several times over the next few weeks. Instead of losing it to the ether, I will now have it safely tucked away on the log site, where it will be slightly more accessible than the Ark of the Covenant (just like my desk at work!). Anyway, I've seen other blogs use something similar, so we'll have a go at it and see what happens.

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