Thursday, October 25, 2007

Paying the Piper

A recent Letter to the Editor in the Milwaukee paper speaks for many:

The Journal Sentinel is reporting that more than 2,500 child predators in the education realm have been punished for harming children in the past five years alone ("Abuse by teachers goes under the radar," Oct. 21). The ugly fruit of America's sexual anarchy is now in full flower.


With pornography now a multibillion-dollar business and with what Newsweek recently called the "pornification" of America's popular culture, it is no surprise that our youngest and most vulnerable citizens, our children, are paying the price. There is no longer a cultural standard for right and wrong in sexual matters. In fact, the whole idea of a fixed standard for right and wrong is scorned by a postmodern culture that wants to make up its own truth and ignore what God has commanded.


You cannot turn your back on eternal verities without paying a terrible price. You cannot redefine marriage, hand out contraception to sixth-graders, tolerate movies and television filled with promiscuous sex and not have our children feel the impact.


The greatest threat to America's future is not Iran's nukes, the economy, climate change or al-Qaida. The greatest threat to our future, and that of any nation, is moral decadence and the ever-increasing tolerance of that which should never be tolerated by any decent people.

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