Monday, October 29, 2007

The Troglodyte Top Twelve - 10/29/07

A bit of a weird week in that both USC and Virginia Tech lose games and climb in the ranking. However, the results of the Trojans' and Hokies' games against higher-ranked opponents, Oregon and BC, respectively, were already baked into the previous week's ranking--that's what it means to not be penalized for losing a game you shouldn't have been expected to win. Florida is the big surprise this week. That they could have trouble if Tim Tebow were to get dinged up was expected, but what wasn't was their having repeated breakdowns in the secondary such that 30 points on the board wouldn't be enough. Their fate (and South Florida's) is the same as Cal's and South Carolina's last week: Out of the ranking and off the bubble. Texas and Georgia take their places on the ege.

1 comment:

  1. If only the 'experts' and 'pollsters' had the same amount of common sense when ranking teams that lost games that they weren't supposed to win.



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