Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Bad News for the Republic

Major League Baseball's general managers voted overwhelmingly to recommend the use of instant replay. It would be used only for homerun boundary calls (fair/foul & in-the-park/out-of-the-park) and fan interference. At least to start (insert slippery slope argument here). The initiative, the logical consequence of Peter Ueberroth's $1.5B deals with the devil (CBS & ESPN), still needs to be approved by the owners, players, and umpires.

*** Sidebar

Will sports represent the last ground taken by the dictatorship of relativism? Where else is there so much passion about "getting it right?" Alas, I don't think the motives here are that noble, nor does replay really represent objective truth in the abstract.

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My take is pretty well summed up by Ryan Robbins' piece from a decade ago. Baseball is a game of inches and angles. It's foolhardy to think parallax-laden cameras can add all that much, even if they should happen to help "get it right" a handful of times. And at what cost to the grand old game?

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