Friday, November 02, 2007

Pope Says to Eat Your Vegetables and Wash Behind Your Ears

Feast of All Souls

Not really. A life of holiness is not just the job of a select few:
All human beings are called to holiness which, in the final analysis, consists in living as children of God, (living) in that 'likeness' to him in which they were created.
So much for pawning it off on somebody else. Sure there's that whole eternity thing still to worry about, but it sure would have been a relief to be able to do so, even for a little while, given how dry things have been of late. But, alas, no, we are each called.

The universal call to holiness is one of those things that gets repeatedly said on All Saints Day. The priest said it at the all-school Mass where Troglotykes #2-#6 attend grade school. The co-adjutor archbishop also said it at the all-school Mass where Troglotyke #1 attends high school. The risk is that it gets to sounding like your mother telling you to wash the dishes, but the thing is it is also precisely something that bears repeating. After all, if holiness is not for each of us, then what's the point?

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