Thursday, November 08, 2007

Time is Running Out to Vote for the 2007 Weblog Awards

Polls close today. You can enter to vote here. A few items...

1. Fellow Catholic Dad, Regular Guy Paul is dead last in his category. Feel free to throw him a sympathy vote to get him out of the cellar.

2. Boing Boing shares some whining that Climate Audit (a climate change "heretic," as you can imagine) is leading for Best Science Blog:
Skye sez, "In the 'Weblog Awards Best Science Blog Contest' a psuedoscience web site denying the affect humans have on global warming is currently in the lead over real science blogs. Apparently conservative political sites have been directing their readers to vote for it, whether they read it or not."
Judge for yourself, but count me skeptical that it's a blog of false science.

3. After looking at each of the finalists for Best Science Blog, I'm wondering whether maybe I should stick to science topics. Whaddya think?

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