Monday, November 12, 2007

The Troglodyte Top Twelve - 11/12/07

Memorial of St. Josaphat
Veteran's Day, Observed

Illinois showed the chinks in Ohio State's armor to be pretty significant. That the Illini downed the Buckeyes should not be a shocker to anyone who lives in Big Ten country. What was revealing was that Juice Williams and crew played a good game (not out-of-their-heads great) and OSU-North didn't play terrible (a la Oklahoma at Colorado). I'm still a bit iffy on ASU and Mizzou. Kansas is the legit class of the Big Twelve North, and they can be had like everyone else this year. They handled an OSU-South team that I thought might match up better than it did, particularly at home. Despite the buzz about three Big Twelve teams in the BCS top five, I'm barely buying two. After getting to see them in extensive action for the first time: Colt Brennan is Hawaii, which means his concussion spells trouble. They could follow Boston College out the door soon.

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