Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Miscarriage of Justice

Not really.
David Justice received so few votes (less than 5%, OK it was 0.2%) that his name shall never be on the BBWAA ballot again for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Goose Gossage is the only inductee to Cooperstown this year. Well deserved.
Bert Blyleven's percentage of votes increased from less than 50% last year to nearly 62%, which is still more than 70 votes shy to reach the 75% required for induction. Another former Twin and World Series hero, Jack Morris had his name appear an about 43% of the balltos. Maybe next year. Both are deserving, as are Jim Rice (72%) and Andre Dawson (66%).
In what may be a telling move about the writers' view of steroids era achievements, first-timer Tim Raines polled better than sophomore Mark McGwire, both with less than 25%. McGwire received the same number of votes as he did last year.
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