Monday, January 07, 2008

Penultimate Troglodyte Top Twelve... For the Record

Memorial of St. Raymond of Penafort
Happy Belated Birthdays to Troglotyke #3 and Trogling #1 (Godchild)

It doesn't make much sense to modify the Troglodyte Top Twelve on the Sidebar given the national championship is tonight, so I'll just incorporate it into a post. For those who might wonder: Just because I haven't been posting for almost two months because of my schedule doesn't mean I haven't been maintaining the ranking.

*** Sidebar

OK, confession time. I actually did have some time during the last couple of weeks (not alot), but I've spent my "wee hour" hours that I used to reserve for blogging (before basketball season started) on playing Guitar Hero, which I received for Christmas. Yeah, I'm a little sorry about that.

*** End sidebar

So here's the pre-bowl ranking (previous rankings--holy smokes--are from before Thanksgiving):

1. LSU (previous - 1)
2. Ohio State (3)
3. Oklahoma (4)
4. USC (5)
5. Virginia Tech (6)
6. Missouri (10)
7. Georgia (11)
8. Kansas (2)
9. West Virginia (7)
10. Arizona State (8)
11. Florida (--)
12. Hawaii (12)

with Illinois, Wisconsin, Clemson, Texas, and BC on the bubble.

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