Monday, February 04, 2008

Mike Huckabee for President

My hesitancy to endorse a candidate for president is not a secret. I was for Brownback to the point I was about to give his campaign money when I saw on the wire that he was pulling out last fall. But on the eve of Super Tuesday, as my dad might have said, it is time to go, or get off the pot...

If the 5 non-negotiables are in fact non-negotiable, then there are exactly two candidates eligible for my support, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul. Of the two, while he is less than my ideal, I simply agree substantially more with Mr. Huckabee than I do Dr. Paul. Mike Huckabee has signed a no taxes pledge and a no amnesty pledge. His immigration policy proposal is pretty much straight out of the pages of National Review. An important difference from Dr. Paul, is that Mike Huckabee recognizes the threat of Islamofascism and the need to engage it outside our borders. With his populist strain and practiced Christian sympathies, he is also in the position best able to recognize that connectivity to the poor and genuinely disenfranchised, whether in this country, or in the Third World, is a (if not the) key element needed to ensure American sovereignty and security.

I also find Mike Huckabee a better communicator, more inspirational, and a likeable fellow; this despite his alleged man crush on John McCain. Speaking of which, as I've noted previously, from a practical view, I think that broker-size support for Mr. Huckabee helps keep the pro-life position (rather than just the anti-abortion stances of McCain and Romney) in play, potentially influencing the likely nominee's choice (Sen. McCain today) for a running mate.

Therefore, The Troglodyte endorses Mike Huckabee of Arkansas for President of the United States.

Catholics for Huckabee


  1. Huckabee pledged to deport all illegal immigrants if elected president. Do you think he's in accordance with Catholic teaching?

  2. The Fair Tax is such a great system. It makes so much sense for America at this point in our history; increasing productivity, encouraging moving up in the income brackets, and making taxes simpler for all. I found a great petition telling Congress to look into the fair tax, and, as we gain more signatures, money is donated to the fair tax cause.
    We need to tell America to make this important change. We need to speak out!

  3. From the Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church #298: Institutions in host countries must keep careful watch to prevent the spread of the temptation to exploit foreign labourers, denying them the same rights enjoyed by nationals, rights that are to be guaranteed to all without discrimination. Regulating immigration according to criteria of equity and balance [643] is one of the indispensable conditions for ensuring that immigrants are integrated into society with the guarantees required by recognition of their human dignity. Immigrants are to be received as persons and helped, together with their families, to become a part of societal life.[644] In this context, the right of reuniting families should be respected and promoted.[645] emphasis added

    For every illegal immigrant who is a valedictorian, there at least one who is a repeat criminal offender and at least another one who is being exploited by an employer. Immediately deporting felons is equitable. And giving others who have violated border entry laws 120 days to return to their country and apply for re-entry without penalty seems pretty balanced, even though I'd prefer to see something like 180 days.



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