Friday, February 01, 2008

On Second Thought

Is it really "Mission Accomplished" for Catholics Against Rudy?
The majority of the conservative punditry buzzing for a couple of days that a vote for Mike Huckabee is a vote for John McCain. First, I'm not sure that's necessarily true because I don't think Huckabee's support is built around him being an anti-McCain, but I don't dismiss it outright. Second, today, Sen. McCain is the clear frontrunner, and, for the sake of argument, let's call him the presumptive nominee.
Reasoned thinking requires we consider the possibility that, given his age and health, if McCain were to be elected president, he may not finish his term, or he may choose to step down after one term, which would give his vice-president the advantage for 2012. So should CAR work to discourage Giuliani from being McCain's running mate? How could it? Is such a center-left "dream ticket" even a real risk?
Assuming he can't rally to the nomination, does a non-insignificant delegate count for Huckabee, i.e., power broker numbers, keep his hat in the ring for VP, or at least tilt the slot to another more authentic pro-lifer like a Tim Pawlenty, rather than Rudy Giuliani, or a pro-embryo abortion Matt Blount type?
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