Tuesday, January 20, 2009

President Bush, Adieu

Not bad. Not great. Still a good man. What will his legacy be?

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  1. On the day of the inauguration of our next president I, too, reflect on GW presidency. For 6 years I have solidly been behind him. In the end, I am more disappointed than happy. I believe he has a very good heart but possibly just not the best president we needed.

    I bristle at the hatred spewed his way. No one, especially a president of the US deserves that treatment. Those who undermined him are unpatriotic, in my view. There were too many people determined to make him fail which is a complete departure from the true spirit of democracy. As a result of the unfair piling on by the "mainstream" media, I would side with him in defense of his well intentioned attempts to protect this country.

    We underestimated how human he was and how profoundly the 9/11 tragedy affected him.

    You're a good man, GW Bush.



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