Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Abortion by Remote Control

NCR's Matt Archbold has the story that Planned Parenthood is looking to advance the abortion franchise in a most 21st century manner--remotely.
Planned Parenthood’s system [in Iowa] now allows a doctor in Des Moines to meet with patients across the state through video conference. At the end of the teleconference the doctor presses a button on the computer to activate a drawer at the patient’s location that contains R-U 486.

The patient then takes the pills while the doctor watches. Death by remote control. Abortion has always been a dehumanizing practice but the abortion industry has always attempted to keep up a cover of caring about women. But administering abortion pills to a woman with all the humanity of a Pez dispenser makes obvious their aim of maximizing profit and limiting overhead.
As I noted long ago, the only detectable factor in determining changes in the annual abortion rate is the number of abortion clinics available. This makes the attrition rate of abortionists one of the greatest threats to the abortion business. Increasing their "productivity" tackles this head-on.
[I]f Planned Parenthood is successful with their system it will likely be implemented by abortion clinics across the country and lead to harming more women in every way possible.

Pro-life groups are filing complaints with the state board of medicine, arguing that the remote control abortion system violates state law requiring all abortions are performed by a doctor. Much rides on the success or failure of pro-lifers to prevent this remote control method of abortion.
Let's pray the forces of life are successful in stopping this development.

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