Tuesday, October 26, 2010

DFL Hates on the Church (Again)

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The DFL's State Central Committee has sent out a mailer, presumably to help GOTV, that depicts a priest in Roman collar wearing a button that says "Ignore the Poor."

There are some who think this is a peculiar case of self-mortification given all the social justice-types (who do, in fact, do good works) who are part of the "Catholic Progressive" corner of the party's base. I don't think so.

This is not directed at many of those fellow travelers manning the lines at Catholic Charities, Loaves and Fishes, etc.who believe the "seamless garment" argument is a license to substitute their own hierarchies of life, for example. No, this is a direct shot at the priesthood and the hierarchy over the gay marriage DVDs. You can almost see some of the thought bubbles of the activist DFL "Catholics" who will love this:
"Don't confuse the archbishop's church with my Church."
"If you don't love gays and lesbians enough to let them marry, how can you have love in your heart for the poor?"
"You should have helped the poor with the money you wasted  promoting hate against gays and lesbians."
And so on.
Of course, they are right in that the issue of gay marriage and the fate of the poor are linked; just in ways they can't seem to imagine.

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It seems the postcard is targeting state senate candidate Dan Hall, a protestant minister (who doesn't wear the Roman collar). So this is not the focused anti-Catholic jab originally believed, but more a general anti-religion sideswipe that steals off the image of a Catholic icon over the religious opposition to the anti-life provisions in "universal" health care legislation. My mistake in overestimating the cleverness of the so-called progressives' play book.

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