Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Oh, These Dog Days

Jake Tapper nudged along the tongue-in-cheek story that Jim Treacher has been pushing in response to the story from 30 years ago that Mitt Romney transported his dog, Seamus, in a kennel on the roof of the car during a family trip:
The discovery that the president had eaten dog meat [as a child in Indonesia] prompted wise-cracks on twitter (hashtag — #ObamaDogRecipes) and this tweet from Romney strategist Eric Fehrstrom, who re-tweeted Axelrod’s original message with a different take on the picture of the president and Bo.

This is all great fun, of course, and perhaps an indicator that cats really know how to work a meme. Or more likely that perhaps Rick Santorum was right for reasons he never imagined that a shorter national campaign would be better. Nevertheless, particularly in the context of the president's incredible, shrinking agenda, I can't help but get the sense that all this is tempting the fate (if you believe that sort of thing) of the release of "Happy Days are Here Again" right before the crash of 1929.

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