Friday, June 29, 2012

7 Meetings of Hope

7 Quick Takes for the weekend of June 29th

There hasn't been much output from the cave the last month, or so, as family (primarily) and work events have taken precedence, the most dramatic of which was our face-to-face meeting with Troglotyke #8. (He and the Troglodytrix are doing fine, thank you.) That was already a couple weeks ago and was followed immediately by a long-planned family vacation to the lake. This is where we learned that, despite a 7-year hiatus, we haven't lost the ability to fall into that parent-of-a-newborn mode of operating in a fog and to such effect that upon my return to the day job the idea of being "tanned, rested, and ready" was entirely laughable. That was until the Obamacare decision rousted me from my walking slumber and inspired a blog burst. But now that we're here, it's a good time to reset and consider the seeds of true hope planted with him and and his meetings with each of his seven siblings (sorry, not posting those pics). Yes, sometimes wisdom can come from the mouths of babes. So to can you see it in their faces, especially when they meet each other for the first time.

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