Friday, October 26, 2012

A Note on Political Choices... and Political Lies

It is moral to vote for neither major candidate. It may be stupid, but it is moral
[T]here are two moral choices in this year’s American presidential election: Vote for Romney or vote for neither of the major candidates.

Some have argued that a vote for Obama is moral because (a) the culture of life problems on which the candidates differ are now an intractable part of American society; (b) the HHS mandate doesn’t really attack religious liberty since it doesn’t force anyone to get an abortion; and (c) Obama is, on the whole, far more concerned about the common good (in the sense of the common man) than Mitt “Fat Cat” Romney. This argument is so utterly vacuous, on all three points, that I won’t dignify it with a response.

But others have argued, sometimes indicating horror and hurt at my betrayal, that voting for neither major candidate (by writing someone in or not voting at all) is morally equivalent to voting for Obama. This is not an absurd argument, but it is a false one. continue reading...

For Reference:

The Dangers of Voting Your Heart: An Intrinsically Moral Guide

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