Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Troglodyte Top 12 for the Week of 11/19/12

The big changes this week, of course, are a result of the top two BCS teams getting dropped (Kansas St. by Baylor on the road and Oregon at home to top 12 team Stanford). From a ranking point-of-view, the question is which is worse, particularly given the thumping dished out by Baylor and the fact that it took overtime for Stanford to beat Oregon.

While many say Kansas St.'s margin of loss should be more detrimental, which it is, it is moderated by three factors: The Wildcats' loss was a conference game on the road, KSU played closer to form than how much Oregon was knocked off their game at home by Stanford, and the drop-off in quality after the top three or four teams in the Pac-12 is steeper than that of the Big 12. In the end, the significant difference I had between the teams before last week is now down to a very slight advantage for Kansas St.

So after Notre Dame, we're back to dominance by the SEC at the top (and the bottom), although I think the relative differences among the entire top 12 have collapsed. Things have remained pretty firm with no one getting bounced and the bubble teams really feeling like they are a little on the outside looking in.

Ranking (Previous)

1. Notre Dame (2)
2. Florida (3)
3. Alabama (5)
4. LSU (6)
5. Kansas St. (1)
6. Oregon (4)
7. Oklahoma (7)
8. South Carolina (8)
9. Texas A&M (9)
10. Mississippi St. (10)
11. Georgia (11)
12. Stanford (12)
Bubble: Oregon St. (Bubble), Clemson (Bubble), Nebraska (Bubble), Florida St. (--)

This Week's Big Match-ups

It's rivalry week, so just about every game is a big match-up for somebody. The big ones within the ranking are:

Oregon (6) at Oregon St. (Bubble)
Florida (3) at Florida St. (Bubble)
South Carolina (8) at Clemson (Bubble)

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