Saturday, April 06, 2013

Joy of Stats

Houston has struck out 56 times in the first four games. That's 12 more than any team to open the season. Even if they strike out only four times tonight they will STILL have more K's to open the season through five games than any team in history.

The Dodgers haven't struck out 14 times in a game since 2010. The Astros are averaging 14 K's through 4 games.

And then there's Chris Davis. Four home runs in the first four games becoming the fourth player to do that in history. His 12 RBI off those four HR's is something that hasn't been done in any four game stretch (much less to start a season) since 1937.

My point? That we can know all this, to this level of detail in a historic context, is one of the reasons I love baseball.

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