Monday, February 28, 2005

Pick Your Poison 2 (Final)

Thanks to all of you who played.

The Question:
Sticking with the cave/subterranean theme, there are three potential resting places for a certain artifact where one of the locations is approximately equidistant on the globe from the other two.

A. What is the artifact?
B. What are the three locations?

The Rules:
Like last time. Entries must be submitted by e-mail. You may use UNLIMITED entries. One point will be awarded for a correct answer to A and to each of the correct answers to B, for a total of four points. First one to four points wins. I will respond to each entry (privately) and notify you which parts are correct and which are incorrect. I might even give private clues to those who respond. Therefore, guessing is encouraged. For administrative reasons, general public clues will only be available in the comments section of this post.

The Answers:
A. Artifact - The Ark of the Covenant
B. Locations
1. Jerusalem, room under the Dome of the Rock (not the popular tunnel)
2. A cave by the Dead Sea near Qumran
3. A cave on Mt. Nebo

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