Friday, March 18, 2005

For Though I Should Walk in the Midst of the Shadow of Death...

Memorial of St. Cyril of Jerusalem

Terri Schiavo is dying. All hail the doctrine of the disposal person! There is, as expected, much commentary through the blogosphere. Among others, CRM has a mushroom harvest, as does Hugh Hewitt.

If we look at just the definitions of the words food and medicine, we can contrast the operative phrases of "sustain growth, repair, and vital processes and to furnish energy" and "a substance or preparation used in treating disease," respectively. How did the line between these two things get blurred? Lack of food means vital processes will not be sustained. Lack of medicine means a disease or condition will be allowed to progress on its natural course. Again, how did the line between these two things get blurred? Many have and will tell me that this is complicated. I beg to differ. Denying food is murder. It is exactly that simple. And no, it doesn't matter whether it was her wish. Such a wish is suicidal. Nobody thinks twice that we should try to talk somebody down off the top of a building, or we should call 911 when a friend swallows a bottle of pills. Instead we now have "the suffering," a class of inconvenient people. People so inconvenient, in fact, that many think they should not be allowed to live.

Yet there is no overwhelming outcry from the nation. Rev. Johansen's dismaying article from NRO is out there re the specific medical wrongs of this case. And there is no overwhelming outcry from the nation. We have wandered off the paths of justice.

Many are working to turn this to the good. I go back to my father's quote:
You have to give God a chance. You have to work with Him. Miracles do happen.
May God grant some here. In the mean time, praying, fasting, writing. Praying, fasting, writing. Praying, fasting, writing.

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