Friday, March 18, 2005

One of Life's Simple Pleasures

I got back into town today and was greeted by a winter storm warning. This gave me the opportunity to fire up the snowblower for the first time, even though this is the third significant snowfall that the south side of Twin Cities has had. The first time was lost to the Male Fun Limitation Factor (see below), and the second was when I was down with the flu, forcing the Troglodytrix to take care of the driveway. Anyway, snow is still falling so the driveway isn't totally clean, but if I may say so myself, I did a fine job of space management. Ahhhh.

Undocumented words in the Garage Logic Lexicon:
Male Fun Limitation Factor: When another male, often a complete stranger, in an alleged gesture of "being neighborly," snowblows your driveway before you do, thereby robbing you of your right to the fun.

Space Managment: The practice of not losing any space on the driveway to a snow bank. This generally includes snowblowing to the edges of the driveway and following up by sculpting with a shovel, as well as flaring the snow bank where the driveway meets the street to give you an easier turn out of the driveway. Good space management requires both spatial planning and execution.

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