Friday, March 04, 2005

Stars Down Jaguars in State Hockey Quarterfinals

Memorial of St. Casimir

Holy Angels defeated rival Bloomington Jefferson 3-2 to advance to the semi-finals of the state tournament, where they will meet Tartan, a 4-3 winner over Elk River.

Our tickets (I took the Troglomatrix), courtesy of the Troglodytrix's sister, were near the Holy Angels section, which added to the fun. Tomorrow I begin using the other half of my godfather's season ticket pair that I split with my brother, so I won't be so close to the student section (generally a good thing). Besides the game, here are a few things I observed from near the AHA student body last night.

AHA sign that makes me chuckle: We Gave Up Losing 4 Lent

AHA sign that makes me worry about the future: 3rd Place, 3rd President... Coincidence?
Keep in mind this was a quarterfinal game.

Chants (to the rhythm of "Let's go Yankees")
Second-best retort chant
AHA: Ho-ly An-gels! Ho-ly An-gels!
Jefferson: Un-cre-a-tive! Un-cre-a-tive!

Best retort chant
Jefferson: Pub-lic Scho-ols! Pub-lic Scho-ols!
AHA: We've got Jesus! We've got Jesus!

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