Saturday, March 05, 2005

Stars to Face Spuds in Finals

The Holy Angels boys hockey team downed Tartan 4-2 to advance to tonight's championship game. This marks their first return to the title game since they won their only state championship over Hill-Murray in an all fish stick-eater final of 2002. The Stars scored in the first minute and then added three goals in the third period to secure the victory. The concern is that during the intervening 40 minutes the Titans carried the game as the Stars had difficulty clearing their own zone and generating any sustained offensive attack. The upside is that the Stars have not played their best game yet, which they will need against Moorhead, the class of this year's tournament.

Chant Update
Last night's volleys from the public school students had more of an edge [understatement!] last night than during the quarterfinals. Most of the chants were led by a nose-bleed section of Duluth East students whose team had lost in the earlier semi-final game (generally Tartan fans were not included in the cruder chants). There was one about which they were very pleased with themselves until...

The best retort chant
AHA: Ho-ly An-gels! Ho-ly An-gels!
Public Schoolers: Ho-ly [expletive]! Ho-ly [expletive]! (Yes, my tax dollars at work.)
AHA: Where is your team?! Where is your team?!

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