Thursday, March 24, 2005

Terri's Passion 3/24

Holy Thursday

Still waiting on a decision for hearing by the Supreme Court and for a ruling from Judge Greer as to whether the state of Florida can take custody of Terri.

Will be back at work today, so less frequent updates/comments.

- Supreme Court rejects Shindlers' appeal.
- Florida judge refuses to hear new medical evidence and rejects Gov. Bush's request for custody.
- Schindlers request TRO to allow new evidence to be heard in federal court. Hearing held at 6 PM EST without a decision

Commentary re 1st & 2nd updates: No surprises here given the narrow view taken by the federal courts and Judge Greer's track record. The only realistic option available, although another long shot, is for Gov. Bush to remand Terri into custody as part of a criminal investigation of abuse by Michael, including the original incident that put her in her current state. Some legal beagle's claim there is substantial evidence to support this. I would have questions about that, as well as whether there are any statutes of limitations. This move would be a monumental political risk for Gov. Bush--we'll see how much moral fortitude he has.

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