Friday, March 25, 2005

Terri's Passion 3/25

Good Friday

Still waiting on decision from US District Court. Terri is "in her final hours."

- Gov. Bush says that he will not operate outside his powers; orders his legal team to look for a way to allow the reinsertion of the feeding tube.
- Judge Whittemore denies emergency request. Schindlers appeal again to the 11th Circuit.
- 11th Circuit panel again refuses to order the re-insertion of the feeding tube. A separate, late afternoon filing was made requesting Pinellas Circuit Judge Greer to order the reinsertion of the tube, claiming Terri Schiavo tried to say "I want to live" when her tube was removed. Judge Greer earlier refused a request to have him recused from the case.

Commentary: The string is running out; not much else to say on the legal options unless the governor wants to use the nuclear (police powers) option.

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