Sunday, April 10, 2005

Santo Subito?

Happy Belated Birthday to Troglotyke #1

I appreciate the sentiment. I surely do. There is no doubt in my mind that the Holy Father is a member of the Church Triumphant. But (you had to know one was coming) the Church must act consistent with her manner. An interesting tidbit I saw on a TV special this weekend is that there was a movement to have Pope Bl. John XXIII declared a saint by acclamation in the conclave that elevated Paul VI.

Canonization is a process for the living. Therefore, it is best that despite our current emotional swell, or perhaps precisely because of it, we do not act hastily. We can rest assured that the case for the pope's sainthood will be made convincingly in its appropriate time; think the third chapter of Ecclesiastes.

I refrained from calling him Pope John Paul the Great until he passed. I will wait until he is canonized before I call him "saint." And, in the meantime, I will pray to him daily, asking for his intercession.

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