Monday, April 11, 2005

Urgent Prayer Request

Memorial of St. Stanislaus

I am asking for any and all prayers for the health of a dear friend of the Clan, our neighbor when we lived in Oklahoma. Here is some background from his private website:

He was originally diagnosed with a small melanoma September, 1996. He had it removed, and surgery to have the margins cleared. We were told at that time to get checked every few months for the first year, and then once a year for the next 5 years. He was fine till May of 2004. He noticed a lump in his groin area that was growing. He went in and had it removed and it turned out to be malignant melanoma in his lymp nodes. After learning that his melanoma had come back and spread to his lymph system we decided to head to MD Anderson in Houston. It is the nations top cancer hospital. He had a radical lympectomy done in July where they removed all the lymph nodes in his groin area. They removed 20 nodes and 10 came back positive for MM. (malignant melanoma) He is considered to be stage 4 due to the fact that there were positive nodes going further up into his abdomen.

Following surgery, he went through radiation and chemo therapy. In late October a new tumor was found near the heart. They immediately changed to a bio-chemotherapy protocol to address this new threat. After three rounds there was still some slight growth, so his protocol was changed again in February. Now two rounds of the new protocol have been completed and it is time for new scans. Through all this he has stayed positive, at least with his public face. Please, please, please see your way clear to say a prayer today for him, his wife, and their two girls.

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