Thursday, April 07, 2005

Yeoman's Work for the Barque of Peter

I can't say enough about the class way Hugh Hewitt has covered the pope's passing on both his blog and his radio program. He's caught some flak from some in his audience for being too narrowly focused. Here's his response:

I have heard from a few people that my posting seems too narrow these past few days as it has focused almost exclusively on John Paul II and the coming conclave. I admit to being pretty much unconcerned with the momentousness of a John Cornyn speech on the floor of the Senate, or Nancy Pelosi's and Tom Delay's travel schedules and reimbursements.

This is because of the immense stakes involved in the selection of the next pope for every issue of consequence in the moral debate, and not a few that pierce the geopolitical world at all. Non-believers may think it all beside-the-point, and non-Catholics may be confused by the process (as a former Catholic I may have some advantage in understanding the vast scope of the Church), but to repeat myself, the stakes are beyond measuring.

Since last week he's had postings on Friday AM, Friday PM, Saturday, Monday AM 1 & 2, Monday PM, Tuesday, Wednesday AM 1 & 2, Wednesday PM 1 & 2. One of the things that has come up for discussion is the late pope's mystical character--check out the links to Sr. Faustina's vision of hell (deemed worthy of belief), the St. Malachy prophecy (likely a hoax), and the Akita revelation (also deemed worthy of belief)--they might straighten/curl/grow your hair.

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