Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Giving God a Chance

I have written before about denying God the opportunity to work miracles as taking another bite of the fruit. Here, with the story of the Buffalo fireman, Donald Herbert, who began talking after nearly 10 years of silence, is what can happen if you cooperate. Of course, lest we draw any parallels to another case based on his condition:

Mr. Herbert... had severe head trauma as well as prolonged oxygen deprivation and remained in a coma for two and a half months. ... While Mr. Herbert regained consciousness in 1996, his speech was slurred, he was unable to eat without assistance, he was confined to a bed or a wheelchair and his vision was reduced to a series of blurs. (emphasis added)

the NY Times makes sure to lead with:

A Buffalo firefighter who apparently suffered brain damage in a 1995 burning roof collapse and has since been virtually silent and nearly blind... (emphasis added)

Nevertheless, the AP has the truffle quote:
"It's almost unheard of after 10 years," [Dr. Rose Lynn Sherr of New York University Medical Center] said, "but sometimes things do happen and people suddenly improve and we don't understand why."
In other words, miracles do happen.

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