Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Welcome Back to Laura Ingraham

She actually was back from last week's breast cancer surgery doing her radio show by phone on Friday and seemingly in full swing yesterday. For you ladies, please don't make the same mistake she did, as per her website:
Remember, Laura's breast cancer was picked up during a simple breast examination by her OB/GYN. She was a dope (her word, not ours) for not going for acheck-up for 4years! The tumor was not even visible on a mammogram! You MUST make sure that you, and every woman in your life does a monthly breast self-examination. Learn to do it correctly, slowly, carefully. If you feel ANYTHING that seems strange or unusual, go immediately to your OB/GYN. Make sure that you and/or the women you know go for an annual gynecological appointment for a comprehensive check up. Laura is embarrassed to admit she had not been to her doc in more than three years. Really stupid (her words, not ours). Don't be afraid to ask your friend, girlfriend, sister, mother, or wife if she has done everything to detect breast cancer. We all need someone to remind us, get on us, demand that we take care of ourselves.

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