Saturday, July 30, 2005

From St. Louis

Ah, yes. The family road trip. Nothin' in the world like it. We piled in with The Clan and made a trip for the weekend to meet some friends from Oklahoma in St. Louis (they are actually on their way home from vacation in Michigan). We drove down Friday. Today we did Grant's Farm (give me enough free samples and I might grow to like Budweiser Select), swimming at the hotel, and the Arch (I never get tired of the museum, or the trip to the top). Tomorrow it's Mass in St. Charles and on the road.

It's a bit of a whirlwind again, but it's been good to disconnect some. Otherwise I would still be stewin' over Coleman and Frist (there was probably somebody else this weekend, but I wouldn't know about it). I just don't get it. What's changed significantly in four years? In two? The mushy poll numbers are the same. The principles are the same. The truth is the same. Clarity, boys. Clarity. Not sure what it is? Ask the fella at the end of Pennsylvania Avenue. I'd help you today, but I've got friends to visit and a long drive in the morning. Pax.

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