Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Sen. Coleman Proposes Stem Cell "Compromise"

This is an attempt to find common ground between science and pro-life.
In a move that appears to please no one, typically pro-life Sen. Norm Coleman has proposed a bill requiring taxpayer funding of ESRC that he hopes will gain more support than existing, more aggressive, funding measures.

In August 2001, President Bush placed a moratorium on taxpayer funding of any new embryonic stem cell research conducted after that point. The proposed legislation moves that date forward and allows federal funds to be used for embryonic stem cell research conducted between then and now.

Mr. Coleman told AP that the president has drawn a line in the sand that is not pro-science, and that he does not desire the Republican party to be the anti-science party.

What?! As a constituent and supporter of the senator, I am profoundly disappointed by this. As someone who is ardently pro-life (with a science and technology background, I might add), I am seriously torqued.

The bill does not have the president's support, and based on the stalemate with the existing bills in the Senate, it is not clear that it will go anywhere there, either.

More later.

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