Monday, December 05, 2005

Week 12 - The Troglodyte Top Twelve

I must admit that this week may have been the toughest to rank with LSU and VaTech losing and UCLA getting embarrassed by SoCal, there is a log jam in the bottom half. I have generally been looking at the teams in terms of tiers. To reflect this I visually grouped the teams accordingly. Also, for entertainment purposes only, I have listed my five for the Heisman Trophy, if I had a vote. (Please no wagering).

Rank. Team (Previous)
1. Texas (1)
2. USC (2)

3. Ohio St. (5)
4. Penn St. (6)
5. Miami (7)
6. Notre Dame (8)

7. Auburn (9)
8. Georgia (10)
9. LSU (3)
10. Virginia Tech (4)

11. Alabama (11)
12. Oregon (--)

Heisman Trophy
1. Reggie Bush
2. Vince Young
3. Brady Quinn
4. Matt Leinart
5. Jerome Harrison

So concludes the "regular" season. This has been a season where actually I have seen quite a bit of football, including all the teams in the Top Twelve in at least (substantial) parts of two games. This is a bit of feat because I didn't have GameDay, nor did I go to any sports bars, this year. We now enter my favorite part of the season: interesting bowl match-ups you'd be lucky to see in a seeded, 8-team playoff (Ohio St./Notre Dame, Oregon/Oklahoma, Auburn/Wisconsin, etc.), cross-sections to test conference strengths reasonably, and another argument with my brother-in-law why a playoff system would ruin college football (and already has ruined New Year's Day). Finally, here are five questions I hope to have answered by this year's bowl games:

1. Is the SEC as strong as I think it is?
2. Is the Big Ten as deep as I think it is?
3. Is the Pac Ten as weak as I think it is?
4. Will we finally have the convincing evidence the Big East has no business with a BCS bid?
5. Will I be able to stomach the Paterno vs. Bowden hype?

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