Monday, September 24, 2007

Fare Thee Well, Mr. Hunter

Was yesterday's 7-1 win over the White Sox the last occasion to see Torii Hunter at home as a Twin? Boy, it sure is feeling like it, regardless of what Simple Sid says.

Here's some idle speculation...

Soon-to-be-ex-GM, Terry Ryan, decided to give up his post because he realized he couldn't sign Hunter. The Luis Castillo trade is only worth swallowing if Hunter gets signed. Consider the Twins successes in the last 20 years were in part contingent upon having a legitimate lead-off hitter. The Twins "making room" for a weak-hitting platoon of the unready (and not likely to be ready any time soon) Alexi Casilla and the gifted glove of Nick Punto was a pure play for marketing the new ballpark. Terry Ryan knew he'd get run out on a rail (at least to the extent that those here in Bandwagonville can keep up their interest) if he failed to sign Hunter after giving up on this season.

But again, that's just speculation...

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