Friday, September 21, 2007

How to Fight the Long War

Feast of St. Matthew

Sorry, no tactical blueprint here, but there is some quality boilerplate. Today, Pope Benedict described to the American-free Centrist Democrat International, an association of center-right political parties from around the world, how states must approach combatting terror, including hope:
Terrorism is a serious problem whose perpetrators often claim to act in God’s name and harbour an inexcusable contempt for human life. Society naturally has a right to defend itself, but this right must be exercised with complete respect for moral and legal norms, including the choice of ends and means. In democratic systems, the use of force in a manner contrary to the principles of a constitutional State can never be justified. Indeed, how can we claim to protect democracy if we threaten its very foundations? Consequently, it is necessary both to keep careful watch over the security of civil society and its citizens while at the same time safeguarding the inalienable rights of all. Terrorism needs to be fought with determination and effectiveness, mindful that if the mystery of evil is widespread today, the solidarity of mankind in goodness is an even more pervasive mystery.
He went on to note that the social teaching of the Church is a guide for how to achieve this, but it is not sufficient:
The integrity of Christians in political life is indeed more necessary than ever so that the “salt” of apostolic zeal does not lose its “flavour”, and so that the “lamp” of Gospel values enlightening the daily work of Christians is not obscured by pragmatism or utilitarianism, suspicion or hate.
How many in the presidential field do you think fit this bill?

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