Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Laying Down Markers

I know I said two years ago that I was off the bench for 2008. That was foolhardy. And frankly, I'm not that geeked by anybody yet to direct my time, talent, or treasure to any candidate(s). That said, I do follow things enough, after all culture and politics are related, that I am compelled to begin sorting through candidates.

The process is fairly simple here for the primaries. Begin with evaluating/disqualifying with respect to the five non-negotiables and with those candidates outside the margin of error (recent poll) from zero in at least one of the leading primary/caucus states to create a short list to measure against secondary criteria, which will include, for starters, a record that demonstrates:

  • Meaningful executive, or organizational leadership, experience,
  • A compelling American vision to project from the bully pulpit,
  • An appreciation of subsidiarity and solidarity,
  • A dedication to the proposition and an understanding why governments are instituted among men.
You'll note that I have no specifics regarding the popular issues of the day (Iraq and the Long War, taxes, immigration reform, health care, etc.). I most definitely have biases on these, but I am open to an argument, you just better bring one.

Here are the lists (as I understand the candidates' positions)...


  • Hillary Clinton - DQ (at least non-negotiable #1)
  • Barack Obama - DQ (1)
  • John Edwards - DQ (1)
  • Al Gore (unofficial candidate) - DQ (1)
  • Joe Biden - DQ (1)
  • Chris Dodd - DQ (1)
  • Dennis Kucinich - DQ (1)
  • Mike Gravel - DQ (1)

  • Rudy Giulani - DQ (1)
  • Fred Thomspon - TBD
  • Mitt Romney - DQ (3 - exploit "leftover" embryos)
  • John McCain - DQ (3 - exploit existing lines)
  • Newt Gingrich (unofficial) - TBD
  • Mike Huckabee - DQ (3 - exploit existing lines)
  • Sam Brownback - OK , not better than zero
  • Duncan Hunter - OK, not better than zero
  • Ron Paul - OK, not better than zero
  • Tom Tancredo - TBD, not better than zero

Note: I've deleted Jim Gilmore and Tommy Thompson because their campaigns are no longer active.

Makes for a very short list and not much to get excited about, yet...

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