Tuesday, September 04, 2007

New Seasons

Labor Day marks the traditional end of summer and the end of the only real pause in The Clan's yearly schedule. Our little break was following the end of five spring & summer sports for four of the Troglotykes, so it was particularly appreciated this year.

Troglotyke #1 actually started high school last week, but school is now in swing for a total of six 'Tykes (at least part-time) and the foreign exchange student who is staying with us for a term (still working on a catchy cave-related moniker for him), as are fall sports.

As I watched the Twins get blanked yesterday by the Indians, I was also emotionally able to quit holding out for another miracle run to the play-offs and am free to shift my attention to football. Unfortunately, with the Gophers' overtime loss to Bowling Green on Saturday and the Vikings' offense, even with explosive #1 draft choice Adrian Peterson, generating so much apathy that poor ticket sales have them flirting with a TV black-out for the home opener against the Vick-less Falcons on Sunday, things are not shaping up well for the Bandwagonville locals on the grid iron. At least I'll have the (triumphant?) return of The Troglodyte's Top 12 to keep me occupied, beginning Sept. 17th.

And, lest we forget (as if we could), the presidential campaign season now begins in earnest.

Yes, the seasons have changed. As usual, like with the liturgical cycle, we come back around and find ourselves not quite in the same place. And thank goodness for that.

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