Monday, January 26, 2009

I Pledge...

Memorial of Ss. Timothy and Titus

A week has gone by since this video was posted and started drawing comments on talk radio. With the advent of the Obama administration, different people could be expected to be affected differently right off. For example, while a cousin-in-law has experienced improvements in his spatial reasoning, sense of smell, and the freshness of his breath, I have had to change my own flat tire and pay for two tanks of gas. Nevertheless, I'll try to play along:

I pledge to not try to wrap my head around the idea that the occupant of the White House ought to be the factor that pushes someone to change his toilet-flushing habits, or be a good mother to her children.

With the planned closure of Guantanamo Bay's detention center, the revocation of the Mexico City policy, and a push for higher fuel economy and emissions standards, I pledge to take President Obama at his word, thereby precluding the need to wait to see what he does before acting in the hopes he will behave pragmatically.

OK, OK, OK. More in the spirit of renewal and reconciliation then...

I pledge to get my BMI where it ought to be.

I pledge to pray daily for the protections and conversions of certain national and local politicians.

I pledge to get caught up on my reading by finishing all the books I have started that I have bought, borrowed, or received as gifts since Christmas 2007, including those that I've been carrying around in my car, before buying another book (watch the Reading Lists tab in the future to track progress).


Lesson learned. Don't blog pledges you don't really intend to keep.


  1. We can expect lower earnings reported for Barnes and Noble for next quarter. Good thing I sold.



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