Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is it Immoral to Google Bomb President Obama?

Memorial of St. Angela Merici

In reading last week the story of how a Google bomb of George W. Bush has now been predictably and avoidably redirected to Barack Obama on the White House web site, I was faced with the puzzle of whether Google bombing the president, in general, is morally licit. Typical Google bombings ought to strike any one as a cross between mildly clever and slightly amusing.

However, in light of President Obama's recent revocation of the Mexico City Policy, there may be sufficient evidence to conclude that the president is "cooperating with evil," or is, in a harsher, more abstract sense, a "baby killer," in truth.

Nevertheless, the question that remains is that does adding the links to point these phrases to the president's biography (a la cooperating with evil, or baby killer) qualify as "irony aimed at disparaging someone by maliciously caricaturing some aspect of his behavior, or some other form of bearing false witness?" [CCC #2481] I can see it either way...


  1. I think google bombing the President is no more, no less funny for either President Bush or President Obama. That is what true equality is all about. President Bush seemed to handle his critics well. Let's see if President Obama can do the same.



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