Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Joe Nathan May be Done

Apart from the giant hole Nathan's elbow injury could leave in the Twins' bullpen this year, I would not wish this on any man. My brother-in-law and sister have met Joe a couple of times. Troglotyke #3 has played catch with him in someone's back yard and talked to him on the phone. By all accounts, in addition to being one of the best in the game at what he does for the last few years, including setting a team record for saves last year with 47, he's a quality guy.

I was an amateur hack playing ball until I was 30. I walked away from my playing days when I took a new job in a new city. It was a career move and my call... and that was hard enough. It's a whole different deal for someone who does it for a living.

Joe Anderson nails it:
[I]t's pretty good to be a ballplayer. Nice big paycheck, casual lifestyle and work environment, three squares a day, nice cars, cool uniforms, the list goes on and on. That having been said, you have to feel for a guy like Nathan. He's been as good recently at what he does as anyone in the league save for maybe Mariano Rivera -and now it may be over. Regardless of someones tax bracket that has to be a tough pill to swallow. Nathan's a genuine guy too, and the emotion he was showing this morning was real. I don't hope for him as a ballplayer that he recovers and can pitch again, I hope for him as a man because it's what he does and to have it taken away from him in this manner and to possibly see a career like his end this way is sad.
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