Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Cracks in the Left's Hate?

It wasn't that long ago that Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, and Sean Hannity, would have drawn a crowd of mouth-frothers unable to restrain themselves from getting downtown to speak "truth" to the power of the Evil Right.

However, about an hour before the event, the Troglodytrix, who is attending the NCEA convention, spotted only a half-dozen protesting outside the Minneapolis Convention Center.

*** Sidebar ***
Garrison Keillor's keynote speech this morning apparently only had one thing in it that insulted the Church enough to get people to stand up and leave.

Yep, something about the sex abuse scandal. Good guess.
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Six people seems a pretty tepid response for three of the horsemen of the apocalypse riding into town, setting to undo the Great Hope of Change (or is it Great Change of Hope?) and commit other crimes against the people. I suppose there could have been more sequestered somewhere else, but sheesh, is the local Twin Cities leftosphere losing its sand?

Perhaps, unlike Capt. Christopher Pike, self-styled progressives can't keep up the hate.

Somehow, I doubt that is true. Why stop after only 10 years?. I'd be surprised if the protests didn't heat up soon.

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