Thursday, May 06, 2010

No Surprise as Crist Hesitates to Sign Ultrasound Bill

Continuing to track the front line battles in the states restricting abortion, Florida has passed an ultrasound bill similar to Oklahoma's with strong majorities in both the house and the senate.
The bill requires ultrasounds for women seeking abortions in their first trimester, when more than 90 percent of the procedures occur. Doctors or nurses also are ordered to describe the images on the sonogram and the stage of fetal develoment. Women must sign a form if they refuse to view the images.
However, the Republican-turned-independent-in-a-cynical-attempt-to-save-his-senate-bid Gov. Charlie Crist has stated he "has concerns" with signing the bill. Of course he does. It is not readily apparent where the net benefit would be for his candidacy, shoring up the center-left by vetoing, or potentially peeling off supporters from Marco Rubio by signing.

While it would certainly be better that the governor sign the bill into law now (I'm betting on a veto), let's not lose sight of the fact the Florida legislature passed the bill and should be in a position to be able to do it again next session, with the nominally pro-life Bill McCollum waiting in the wings with a 5-10% lead in the race to succeed Crist.


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